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As a business owner, you are faced daily with many tax-related, legal and economic issues. We provide answers and help with our in-depth knowledge.

We get to know you well: We can only specifically and personally tailor our consultation to meet your needs if we have insight into your business and your particular business model.

We look forward to a long-standing relationship.

Annual financial statements

The annual financial statement is an important tax element for your company's success. And not just coming to terms with the past. To advise on the development and design of your company, the results of a professional financial accounting are made visible. The resulting economic statement is an important factor in securing the future of your company.

Financial and payroll accounting

Even in small and medium-sized companies, financial and payroll accounting has become an extensive task. Accurate work is supremely important in all areas of payroll and financial accounting because the next tax audit is always looming.

Business Consulting

To us, successful business consultation means identifying with your objectives, a clear definition and a detailed analysis of problem areas. We work out solutions with you whose implementation will help your business succeed. Imagine the strong competition through the use of business management principles.

We will not leave you alone! Plan your basic entrepreneurial decisions with us and you will find the most advantageous solution for your business.


Based on legal requirements, auditing is an approach to check on the past and arrange for the future. With us, you can change risks into opportunities. The implementation of both the legally specified and the voluntary annual financial statement and group audit is performed by our own auditing firm, F&P Treuhand GmbH.

We will gladly take care of:

  • on-going financial accounting
  • individual business assessments with target/actual comparisons
  • assistance with your in-house financial accounting
  • set-up and management of cost accounting
  • management of the payroll accounts
  • preparation and participation in income tax and social security audits

We assist you with:

  • the implementation of operational comparisons
  • business assessments
  • consultation on investment, financial and liquidity planning
  • consultation and participation in meetings with banks
  • creation of forecast and planning calculations
  • location and organization consulting
  • start-up consulting

 We will manage your:

  • company and personal tax returns
  • tax planning
  • representation before tax authorities
  • the judicial and non-judicial appeal proceedings
  • support during company audits

 We will finalize:

  • the preparation of annual financial statements
  • the creation of a balance sheet report and assistance in preparing the status report
  • the presentation and explanation of the annual financial statement
  • balance sheet analysis
  • complementary tax balance sheets

 We will review your:

  • legal and voluntary audits of annual financial statements
  • start-up, conversion and merger audits
  • audits according to the Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung  [Real Estate Agent and Commercial Contractor Regulation]
  • audits according to § 53 Haushaltsgrundsätzegesetz (HGrG) [Budgetary Principles Act]
  • credit checks
  • audits of renovation concepts
  • audits of planned balance sheets and forecast calculations
  • other, the special audits reserved by law for auditors